Advanced Network Care Standard


Your Professional Network Assistant

  • Scan and fix Your Mac Network Problems
  • Optimize Your Mac Network Speed
  • Optimize Your Mac App Network
  • Speed Up Your Wi-Fi Network

Diagnose Network Problem
By diagnosing Network Problem, including the Ethernet & AirPort Connectivity, IP, DNS and Proxy, make sure you will not suffer from being disconnecting from network or unable to access to some websites.

Optimize Internet Speed
Advanced Network Care can optimize Network Card Priority, MTU Detection, DNS and flush Ethernet Cards Cache. Just One-click to accelerate Internet speed, load website faster, and solve the online games' stuck issues easily.

Analyse Wi-Fi
Smartly detect all devices running in the Wi-Fi network to avoid Wi-Fi hack and slow speed. Make sure that you will have the best and fast Wi-Fi to enjoy the best of your network for your exploring and game.

Optimize App Network
Advanced Network Care can optimize and speed up Safari, App Store, iTunes, iCloud and any other app to make sure that you will have the best experience of these apps.


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