APO Encryption Standard Edition for USB


The APO system allows the user to choose the level of security that is right for their specific operational environment. They can automate the entire process, or, if they require additional security, they can require the computer user to take one or more additional steps that are designed to enhance security.

The automation features in APO are considerably more user friendly than those of the competition. APO’s automation doesn’t slow down your computer, and it also allows you to see your individual files without having to decrypt them.

In addition to encryption, APO has a number of features that very few other encryption programs can match. These features include the following:

  • Password Manager: In this age of communication, we all need a secure password manager. With the built in APO password manager users can safely keep their Username/Password combinations, ID numbers, credit card numbers, e-mail account details, and any other access or communication code they need. And it is all locked up with military strength encryption.
  • FIPS certification: APO’s encryption module has been certified by a testing lab approved by the US, Canadian and British government. Without certification, how do you know if your encryption software really works?
  • AES 256-bit encryption: This is the same type of encryption approved for use by the US Military for keeping Top Secret documents safe.
  • File shredding: APO uses the Department of Defense standard for the secure deletion of files.
  • Portability of files: With APO users are able to encrypt documents on one computer and decrypt them on another computer, or even on a Pocket PC. With many encryption programs the encryption is tied to the computer being used; this means you cannot send, back-up or transfer your encrypted data. APO eliminates this loophole.
  • APO Enterprise gives right-click access to the user’s e-mail client. This allows them to choose an encrypted file and attach it to an e-mail in its current encrypted state, decrypted, encrypted with a shared key, or, you can encrypt attachments with a one-time key so that the recipient only needs the username and password to open the key and access the file. APO Enterprise makes e-mailing secure documents quick and easy.
  • Free communication software: APO provides a free communication software that users can give to clients. With this, they can e-mail encrypted documents to their clients and their clients are not required to undertake any additional expense to be able to decrypt the document on their computer. Clients are also able to send encrypted documents in return, using the encryption key created with APO software. This communication module can even be personalized to have the user’s corporate banner across the top. The money saved on courier charges alone will pay for APO very quickly.
  • Key creation: APO allows you to create as many unique encryption keys as the user deems necessary for the security of their data.

With the atmospheric rise in identity theft online, the demand for effective protection solutions has seen a massive explosion. This market demand has been even further amplified by the fact that both Federal and State privacy acts in the USA now require business owners to take steps to protect client data. In some instances, if a business has lost client data, the new act will require them to undertake a nationwide ad campaign openly stating they have lost that data.


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