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We’ve probably all done it at least once… in the process of updating or installing software, we missed the little checkbox that allowed the installation of a browser toolbar. Sometimes you see the new toolbar right away and can easily delete it. Other times you don’t notice the toolbar installation, or have a tough time uninstalling it.

This becomes problematic as all the toolbars start to slow your computer or browsing experience. In some cases, they can even increase system startup times. Thankfully, there is software available that can help.





For some strange reason your browsing experience has become sluggish. This may be related to multiple toolbars installed in your browser. Each time you load software updates for programs like Java, by default you accept the installation of a toolbar. By using software such as Easy Toolbar Remover, you can get rid of these pesky problems.

I don’t see any toolbars when I’m browsing, but things definitely seem slower than usual. Sometimes toolbars are displayed by default. They’ve been installed, but are lurking in the background. Easy Toolbar Remover can quickly identify installed toolbars and let you choose how you want to handle them.

Removing unused applications such as toolbars can speed up your start up times. If you’ve noticed that your PC is taking longer to start than it used to, you may want to take a look and see what’s been installed recently. Many toolbars default their installation to run at startup, which means your PC is loading them. Use Easy Toolbar Remover to not only identify which toolbars may be slowing you down, the quickly remove them with a few clicks of your mouse.

Is there anything else that could be slowing down my browser besides toolbars? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is, “yes”. Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) are small applications that run in the browser to gather and distribute information to enhance your browsing experience. Many users don’t even realize these applications are running. Thankfully Easy Toolbar Remover can quickly identify and remove BHOs from your browser.



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