Fix-it Disk Optimizer


Every hard drive begins its life as a series of well-organized, neatly arranged and sequential files.

But as more and more data is read from and written to your hard drive those sequential units quickly become fragmented. This results in longer read times for your programs and longer boot-up times for your computer.

This is where Fix-It Disk Optimizer comes in. It removes all the fragments from the hard disk by combining all the small chunks of free space. This helps to create a larger area of free space, which can then be used for better storage purposes and accessed more quickly.


Increased Data Access Times:
Increases access times by rearranging the files stored on your drive. Enhance your systems performance quickly and easily with a few clicks using Fix-It Disk Optimizer.

Simple and Easy to Use:
Even though Fix-It Disk Optimizer has an advanced defragmentation engine, it is very simple and easy to to use. Novice users can use this program easily without requiring any expert guidance.

Minimal Space Requirements:
Even works on hard drives which have very low free space. It will work with hard drives having as low as 1 GB of free disk space.

Safe and Reliable to Use:
Fix-It Disk Optimizer's engine is designed so that it does not cause any damage to your hard drive or the data stored on it. It is completely safe and reliable to use - unlike the other defragmenters in the market.

Efficiently Optimizes and Defragments the Hard Drive:
Not only defragments your data, it also rearranges the files based on modified date so that it increases data access times and improves overall system performance.

Minimal use of System Resources:
Writes contiguous files to the disk in such a way that minimal system resources are used.

Extra Features:

Disk Cleaner - Helps to Remove Junk and Obsolete Files from your System

Whenever you run a Windows application or install a new one, data that is necessary for the operation of that program is written to your hard drive in the form of several files. For programs that use the Internet, these files will contain evidence of your browsing habits and online purchases. These files are supposed to be temporary, and the application should remove them once you’ve closed out the program or the installation has completed.

However, due to a number of reasons including program errors, application crashes, poorly programmed uninstallers, and conflicts with other running processes, many of these temporary files aren’t removed, and remain on your hard drive – unused, forgotten, and taking up valuable disk space! The longer you use your applications, and the more applications you install, the more disk space is consumed by these temporary files.

After a while, system performance begins to degrade, increasing the risk of data loss, application crashes, cross-linked drive references, random reboots, and a host of other nuisances.

Disk Cleaner is specifically designed to identify and remove these junk files that threaten to destabilize your system and compromise your identity.

Disk Info - Fixes Disk Errors and Finds Possible Issues Before a Failure Occurs

Out of all of the hardware components that are installed in your computer, your hard drive is subject to the most abuse. Day after day of reading and writing data can raise the risk of errors from failing sectors on the drive platter.

Your computer hard drive is the most valuable piece of computer hardware that you have - and you need a utility that will ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency. Disk Info is that utility.

Disk Info performs diagnostic tests on your hard drive, informing you of any bad sectors and attempts to salvage any readable data that it finds.

Disk Info also tracks the health of your drive. With Disk Info, you'll be able to monitor the most vital operating parameters of your hard drive and spot when a drive is failing, before it actually fails! With Disk Info, data loss from hard disk failure becomes a thing of the past.

Duplicate Files Remover - Get Back Disk Space

Here's a problem we never had to deal with before computers came along - duplicate files. It's now so easy to intentionally or accidentally create copies of your files - it's very likely that your computer's hard drive is cluttered with multiple copies of the same files. Maybe you copied a list of files when you meant to move them. Or you have the same file saved in different directory locations. Sometimes different software installations will install the same files over and over, which are used once and never needed again.

Duplicate files on your system take up a lot of disk space unnecessarily and can slow down your system's file access rate. They also create an environment ripe for program errors - if an application finds more than one instance of a particular file - it could use the wrong one, or might even crash on you.

Duplicate Files Remover thoroughly searches your hard disk and removes all duplicate files from your system, freeing up valuable disk space and increasing the efficiency of your file system.

Duplicate Files Remover should be run on a regular basis, and should be run whenever you install or remove a software application.

Graphical View and Summary Report:
Calculates and displays the percentage of fragmentation on the disk with a graphical view. It also shows a summary report of the before and after optimization statistics.


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