Max Uninstaller

Key Features:
Full package to help you remove anything

Display Hidden Program
Max Uninstaller is able to find out every program installed in your computer, even the program is corrupted, incomplete, or does not show up in Add/Remove program.

Perform Complete Removal
Max Uninstaller uninstalls anything you want completely, it removes all files, folders, and registry entries/keys that associated with the target program once for all.

Remove Stubborn Toolbar
Max Uninstaller provides effective solutions that helps removing various annoying toolbars that does not display in Add/Remove program or hard to be uninstalled.

Convenient Uninstall Process
Unlike normal tedious uninstall procedures, users only needs a few clicks and Max Uninstaller will finish uninstalling any program they want automatically.


Select target program
Just open Max Uninstaller, and you will find every thing that installed in your computer is listed out in the interface even program that was installed incompletely or corrupted. You can easily locate the program that you want to remove in the straightforward interface. Click the target program and move to the second step.


Scan for program components
Click Run Analysis button. Max Uninstaller applies unique search engine, it is able to analyze the target program to remove and find out all components including installation folder, program files, associated registry entries, keys, setup file, etc. The Analysis process will be finished in just a few seconds.


Perform complete uninstall
Simply click the ‘Complete Uninstall’ button, Max Uninstaller will then perform regular uninstall to remove all scanned out components automatically. It guarantees the target program is removed from your computer completely.


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