PC Health Advisor


PC Health Advisor brings together high quality tools in one comprehensive program. This advanced software makes it easy to clean and optimize your computer. PC Health Advisor gets your computer back on the right track by removing active malware, updating drivers, scanning your Windows registry, defragmenting the hard disk, and getting rid of cached information that can slow down your PC. It also includes tools to locate and remove unnecessary duplicate files from your system, and to help you find the correct programs to open file extensions.

Optimize Speed and Performance
PC Health Advisor monitors processes on your system, and boosts performance by managing Startup items and defragging your PC.

Update Drivers Easily
Improve your hardware’s performance and stability with PC Health Advisor. It finds the device drivers for your system and helps you download the latest versions.

Increased Security
Keep yourself and your computer safe! PC Health Advisor helps to keep your computer protected by removing malware running in active processes. It also cleans your Internet privacy files, making browsing on a shared computer more secure.

Access to Great Tools
PC Health Advisor makes it easy to clean your browsing history, adjust Windows settings, and find programs to open file extensions, all in a single program.

Professional Support and Maintenance
Buy with confidence –we are here for you! Free technical support is included with PC Health Advisor, both by phone and by email, for your convenience. We continually add to our application database, providing free program updates.

The Ultimate All-In-One PC Performance Software!


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