Smart Privacy Cleaner

Most of us do not realize that every picture, music and video clip, chats and website addresses are written on your hard drive, which can easily be accessed by anyone. Deleting them only erases some of the information.

Thus, Avanquest Smart Privacy Cleaner is designed to combat all these issues by automatically destroying sensitive data and erasing cookies, browsing history, cache, chat conversation and recently opened documents. It permanently deletes the user specified files making them irretrievable.

Prevents Online Privacy Risks
Smart Privacy cleaner destroys all data related to internet activity such as browsing history, search history, cache, cookies and more to avoid snoopers from accessing your data. Moreover, it also erases chat conversations recorded in AOL, Yahoo and MSN.

Maintains Everyday Computing Privacy
Smart Privacy Cleaner helps in maintaining everyday computing privacy by completely erasing the traces of downloaded music, video or photos. Along with this, Smart Privacy cleaner clears your temporary file folders as well as your recently opened files.

Powerful File Shredding
Increase your security by using Smart Privacy Cleaner. It permanently wipes off the already deleted files including important documents and overwrites the information stored in a file multiple times, making it unrecoverable even by simple file recovery tools.

Automatic Product updates
Smart Privacy Cleaners ensures automatic product updates to keep you safe from the latest privacy risks.


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