Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery - Windows

Key Features
The software is 100% risk free and recovers iPod files, without even the slightest modification in their original format. Some of the prominent features of the software are as below:


iPod Data Recovery
With power-packed options, such as 'Quick Recovery', 'Deleted File Recovery' and 'Advance Recovery', the software successfully recovers all your audio, video, image, graphic & other multimedia files, and any other data stored in your iPod from any instance of loss or inaccessibility.


Deleted File Recovery
This innovative data recovery software incorporates many powerful techniques to scan and recover your deleted iPod files back. With the ‘Deleted File Recovery’ feature of the software, you can recover all your precious data lost due to accidental/intentional deletion, virus attack etc.


Advance Recovery
The 'Advance Recovery' option of the software helps recovering your lost data by thoroughly scanning the troubled iPod. Though this iPod data recovery method of the software takes relatively longer time to scan the iPod, it incorporates highly efficient techniques with optimum chance of recovery.


Finds Required Files from Scan Result
With the 'Find' option of this software, you can search for any particular file from a huge pool of the scan result. The software provides some other useful sub-options ('Match whole word only', 'Match Case', 'Regular expression') to find the needed file accurately.


Provides Preview of Recoverable Files
The software provides preview of all recoverable iPod files, including images, videos and other multimedia files. From the scan result, you can click any file and the software intelligently shows the preview of the same in the upper pane of the interface.


Selective File Recovery
Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery allows you to recover only the selected files from the list of recoverable files. From the tree of scan result, you can preview your needed files, check mark them and hit the recover button to save at the desired location.


Filter Option for Selective Recovery of Files
The 'Filter' option of this iPod recovery software allows you to save only the required files by applying filters to the list of files recovered after scanning. You can include, exclude, or remove groups of file types and the software will save only selected files, based on the set criteria.


Resume Recovery from Saved Scan Information
The software allows recovering iPod files from previously saved scan information or image file of the iPod. While recovering from the scan information, you need to connect the same iPod, whereas in case of the image file, you can perform the recovery without even the iPod.


Useful bonus feature - 'Create Image' of this iPod recovery software helps creating the image file (.dat) of the iPod and allows recovering lost data from it. The iPods with lots of bad sectors usually crash while scanning and data recovery in normal means cannot be possible. In such cases, the image file becomes immensely helpful in recovering the data.


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