Stellar Phoenix Server Password Recovery

Key Features:
This software provides you with a complete set of instructions to enable you facilely reset Windows Server password and regain access to your precious data. Some salient features of the software are described below:


Efficiently Resets Server Password
With the help of this Server password recovery tool, you can easily unlock your password-protected Windows server computer. The software allows you to conveniently reset server password, which are lost or forgotten without the slightest modification to the original settings of your system.


Hassle Free Recovery using bootable DVD
The software comes as a bootable ISO image that you can convert to a bootable disc. The bootable disc allows you to log on to the system in 'Directory Services Restore Mode' and run 'ResetPassword.exe' to successfully change the existing Server password.


RAID Server Password Recovery
Using Stellar Phoenix Server Password Recovery, you can reset Windows Server password on a system with RAID array. If the RAID array is by default not listed in the software-interface, Stellar Password Recovery for Windows Server enables you to install the RAID driver and then choose your operating system from the 'Select Server' list. This adds to the credibility of this Windows Server password recovery tool.


Simple and Easy to Use GUI
The user interface has appropriate set of instructions at each level to make the entire process comprehensible and less time-consuming. At each step, supporting graphical as well as textual instructions have been described in the software interface itself.


This software is specifically designed to work with Microsoft Windows 2008 Server, 2003 Server, and 2000 Server. The unmatched utility understands the set password policy standards for these systems and allows you to make the best password choice.


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