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Key Features
Let’s check-out some advanced features of this software:


Recover Lost or Deleted Files
Deleted files can be recovered from the computer’s hard drive or any external storage device connected to the system. The Windows data recovery software has a special provision through which you can select the specific volume you want to recover the files from. After you hit the scan button, the scan engine will instantly start searching for deleted or lost files that can be recovered. Either some selected files or all the files can be recovered but recovered files should be saved in different location & has enough memory.


Recover Once-in-a-lifetime Memories
Windows Data Recovery software has an amazing option through which you can recover only the important photos from heaps of other deleted or lost data. When ‘Photo recovery’ option is activated, the efficient scan engine recovers every image file there is on the selected hard disk or the volume. Then, this Windows file recovery software will preview the list of all the images that can be recovered, you can go through the images you want and recover them as quickly as the scan engine found them.


Search Your Files Effectively
With our normal and advanced search options, you will find every little file hidden in your volume. The software gives you an option to search files through file names, file types, and check the deleted files or existing files option. The software supports more than 300 file types and still, if you cannot find the file type you are looking for on the list, then you can add your own too. Deleted and existing files option is great to sort down the files. You can also move on to the advanced option to add details about size and date of the files to be found.


Supersonic Advance Scan and Recover
While our normal scan and recover option is great when you are just looking for a deleted file and want to undelete it quickly. Advanced scan and undelete Windows options are specially built to help you out with a formatted or corrupted storage. With advanced scan option, you can scan through more than one volume at a time and recover files from FAT, NTFS, or ExFAT volume. You will find the advanced option inside the File dialog box where you can give an estimated file size and dates which include last access date, last modified date and created date.


Mobile Phone Recovery
Deleted some amazing pictures from your phone? Now, you never have to worry about losing your precious contacts or pictures from your phone. As long as the data is in your phone’s memory card, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery will take care of it. Hook up your phone to your system and run our software’s scan engine. All your data will come back to you in absolutely no time.


Bring Back Lost or Deleted Volumes
This Windows data recovery tool proves to be worthwhile even when you have deleted some volumes on your hard drive. Stellar Windows Data Recovery scans your Windows based media just fine to locate lost or deleted volumes and Undelete traces of files that were earlier residing on these volumes. Windows Undelete software supports FAT, NTFS & ExFAT File systems only.


Resurrect Corrupted Hard Disks
Windows File Recovery tool can easily undelete files from your corrupted pen drive, hard disk, memory card and even your camera’s memory. It also supports several types of memory cards including CF cards, Flash cards, SD card (Mini SD, Micro SD and SDHC card) and even Mini Disks. Once the external storage is connected to the system and the device is recognized, the software will display the external drive along with the list of other drive volumes which can be selected to recover Windows data. The scan engine of this Windows undelete software can preview all the recoverable files. There is also a provision to recover deleted files from external storage by selecting the ‘Recover deleted files’ option.


Sort Your Files Exactly the Way You Want
The only thing worse than losing your data is getting back those data in the most possible sorted order. Sometimes, it can get difficult to pinpoint your important files even when you have preview details available. And that is why; we have the Filtered Tree option to make it easier for you. In the search result window, click on the ‘Filtered Tree’ tab in the left pane and you would be able to see truck-loads of options to filter the files found by the software. You can specify the different file types you are looking for, check the existing files or deleted files option, state the approximate size of the file. There are also date search options provided to search a file which includes Last Access Date, Last Modified Date and Created Date.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Professional
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Professional' is an advanced version of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Home, to recover lost/deleted Partitions, Emails, CD/DVD, Photos, and more. This software also offers you the system startup disc, which can help in a case when your system fails to boot. The software has some advanced features like cloning or imaging of hard drive to back up your hard drive data and secure yourself against any data loss.


Compatibility & Support
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software recovers more than 300 file types that are lost or deleted due to any reasons from Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2000 & Windows XP.


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